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February 13, 2010, 10:07 pm
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continuing on from the last post, lidia and i continue eating our way through the list. having visited aum shanti in november, it took us a good three months to get to the next one – beangreen at the prahran market. this was due to our conflicting work schedules, last minute adventures getting in the way, and the fact that it’s on the other side of the river. i know. anyway, we finally made it.

above is lidia hungrily awaiting her lunch.

beangreen has an interesting mix of things. an extensive breakfast menu including delicious sounding tofu scramble and intriguing african porridge. they have standard cafe salady type things in the cabinet, as well as funky pies, which seem to have the melbourne vegan community pretty evenly divided. i haven’t tried them, so i can’t comment. apart from this, beangreen offer a small range of asian type dishes – noodles, fried rice, etc. nothing too adventurous, but a fair selection. i chose gado gado – vegies, tofu and rice with peanutty satay sauce.

it was pretty good. it was simple fare, the flavours were not all that exciting. i would have preferred brown rice, but now i’m just being fussy. i’m a sucker for peanut anything, so i was satisfied. lidia ordered the laksa, which came with vegies, tofu and a little bit of mock pork.

it was also pretty tasty – we both noted that it was sweeter than the laksa we’re used to. lots of vegies and noodles which is always good. i would love to say more about the food, but to be honest, we spent most of the lunch talking about other things. the verdict on beangreen, i think, was that if we happened to be at the prahran market, we wouldn’t be opposed to lunching there but that we wouldn’t make the trek southside specifically to eat there.

beangreen is shop 804 at the prahran market, commercial road. if you go, make sure you visit the essential ingredient store nearby and drool over all the amazing crazy products they have there.

next up: bo de trai. hopefully in less than three months…


aum shanti
November 30, 2009, 9:59 am
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lidia and i have been planning to do this for awhile – eat our way through the vegetarian network victoria’s list of restaurants in melbourne, in alphabetical order. it took so long to get started because the first one is in frankston, which is a bit of a trek. but finally we found the time and made our way….

aum shanti is half cafe, half hippy bookstore. here’s lidia looking cheeky in front of some hippy sarongs and clothing….

the store part is basically what you’d expect – tarot cards, books, candles, art etc. nothing too noteworthy. the food isn’t too adventurous or crazy, but there is a fairly decent range, the woman working there was helpful and gave us suggestions about our lunches, and the prices are reasonable. although they were out of some of the menu items, the accommodating service made up for it (the free cookies didn’t hurt either!). lidia and i both ended up having the chickpea burger, without bread and with salad instead. we were given a home made hummus and chutney, a tasty and fairly large chickpea burger, and a yummy side salad of beetroot, celery, lime juice and sprouts.

lidia had chai, which she declared was delicious, and i had an organic phoenix juice. aum shanti is a cute little lunch place in the increasingly awful frankston. if you are making a mission to savers (lidia and i spent over $150 and scored some great stuff), augment your trip with a tasty and healthy lunch at aum shanti. you might even like to pick up some prayer flags while you’re there….

it’s all over
March 4, 2009, 10:12 pm
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So, in case you haven’t noticed, I have not been updating this blog.

I am still super interested in food, but I have just lost the urge to take photos of my food, to write about it, to go out and explore new exciting vegan options.

There are heaps of great blogs out in the vegan blogging world, and you should go check them out. I will leave this blog up to serve as an archive. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back to it.

But right now, I’m heading for probably-permanent hiatus.

Thanks for all the comments and support for this blog.


crepes at the wick
November 23, 2008, 10:06 am
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word spread a few weeks ago that there were vegan crepes available at the wick on brunswick street. naturally, i took it upon myself to go check it out for myself. the wick is a weird little place, which kind of seems like it doesn’t know if it wants to be a bar, a hippy shop or a creperie. it certainly isn’t as adorable as i feel a creperie could be. anyway. the first time i went, i had a white chocolate and strawberry crepe. it took FOREVER to arrive, because, as the woman working there informed me, she had to make a whole batch of vegan mixture. she went on to talk about how she’s going to have to put her prices up for vegan and gluten free crepes because soy milk and gluten free flour are so expensive. All crepes, at the time i went, were $10.

my crepe was pretty delicious. the crepe itself was kinda chewy, but i haven’t had crepes in a long time, so i couldn’t compare that to anything. maybe crepes are supposed to be chewy. the white chocolate was sweet william, i’m fairly sure, and the strawberries were plentiful.

the next day, i went back with erle. he ordered a savoury crepe, despite the fact that i pointed out lidia had said it was kinda boring. there are two vegan savoury crepes – one felafel and one tofu. erle ordered the tofu one, which had tofu, spinach and mushroom. he described it as bland and i had to concur.

i had been wiser, and ordered another sweet crepe – this one was milk chocolate and macadamia. it was pleasant, but not as good as the strawberry one. the chocolate was again, obviously sweet william and it was a bit cloying…

look. i like knowing there is somewhere around the corner from my office where i can get a sweet treat (albeit not a quick one) if the need arises. i like that the effort has been put in to include menu options for vegans. i liked, if i didn’t love the crepes that i ate. erle’s verdict was that the price hike (reportedly happening next week) coupled with the fact a chalkboard in the window promotes the place as “funky” meant that he would never return. i’m not that damning…but it’s not top of my list of vegan eateries. let’s leave it at that.

where: 361 brunswick street, fitzroy

phone: 9419-8214

open: noon-late, wednesday to sunday. apparently.

this is vegan sydney
November 19, 2008, 10:59 pm
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so, when erle and i told people we were having a weekend in sydney, we were given three suggestions – go to green palace, go to green gourmet and have coffee at campos. the coffee was fine. the other two were kind of disappointing.

the first night we arrived, we ate at green palace: thai vegetarian food. it was a bain marie style affair, but i think you could order off the menu too. we didn’t know this at the time. we both had rice and two mains; i got mock duck and mock abelone, and erle got curry and some other generic looking food. it was kinda cold, and distinctly average compared to melbourne mock. that said, we also had chicken drumsticks which were DELICIOUS, and steamed buns which were also very tasty. so that almost made up for it.

the second day, we tried green gourmet for lunch. granted, we did arrive 10 minutes before their lunch session ended, so i guess we didn’t have the freshest, hottest and best green gourmet had to offer. i still thought it was better than green palace, but still pretty average. the steamed bun was tasty, as was the curry, but the weird pumpkin flying saucer thing wasn’t really my cup of tea.

right next to Green Gourmet is a place called Vegan’s Choice. a little grocery store, this is probably the best vegan thing we found in Sydney (Thanks Sarah). they had different types of cheese, lots of interesting products like black fungus and home made pastes and sauces. i came away with a really convincing looking bacon (i’m so excited to try it; you’ll all hear how it goes), a jar of laksa paste and ICE CREAM. i’m a pretty safe ice-creamer usually, tending to stick to raspberry, chocolate, pistachio etc. but I was brave and chose 2 flavours that are a bit more out there – black sesame and taro. The risk was well worth it…

i’m sure there are a bunch of other delicious places in sydney that vegans are all about. but we were only there for a day, really. let me just say i’m happy that i live in melbourne….

been doing some baking recently
November 15, 2008, 8:09 am
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lately i have sort of been teaching myself to bake. i did touch on this in my last blog at blogspot, but hey. i have made those banana choc-chip muffins again, been working on peanut butter choc-chip cookies and have also discovered the joys of making cupcakes. here are some photos.

vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Halloween cupcakes for the Mt. Field party that Lidia and I decorated

And these were chocolate cupcakes, I think. Just because I am a nice girlfriend.
Well, I’m off to Sydney. If I eat anything good, I will let you know.

November 12, 2008, 9:27 am
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sugardough is an adorable bakery tucked away in the brunswick end of lygon street. not vegan, not even vegetarian, the place has a wide range of sweet and savoury options for omnis, all housed in a quaint little shop with floral plates and hand written signs. why am i telling you this on a vegan blog? read on.

outside are a handful of little wooden stools under a striped awning, the best place to enjoy your chai tea and VEGAN cake! yes, sugardough do at least three delicous vegan cakes – apple/raspberry/coconut, lemon/poppyseed/pistachio and apple cinnamon tea cake. they also have vegan sweet tahini ball things, which i am yet to sample. the cakes are moist and dense, and very sweet. not for those who are weak at cake. definitely for those who appreciate their delicious served with a heaped side serving of adorable.

where: 163 lygon street, brunswick east

phone: 9380-4060

open: tuesday-friday 7:30 – 5:00pm, saturday 7:30 – 4:00pm