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been doing some baking recently
November 15, 2008, 8:09 am
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lately i have sort of been teaching myself to bake. i did touch on this in my last blog at blogspot, but hey. i have made those banana choc-chip muffins again, been working on peanut butter choc-chip cookies and have also discovered the joys of making cupcakes. here are some photos.

vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Halloween cupcakes for the Mt. Field party that Lidia and I decorated

And these were chocolate cupcakes, I think. Just because I am a nice girlfriend.
Well, I’m off to Sydney. If I eat anything good, I will let you know.


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those halloween cupcakes were so good! they were one of the best things about that stupid party! thanks again for bringing them, and i’m so relieved they got gobbled up quickly before stupid drunk jerks could ruin them by throwing them around. instead it was just the fruit bowl they threw!

Comment by Philippa O

I enjoyed licking the icing off one of these cupcakes. I think you went to Sydney the same time I did. whee. hope you are full of delicious things.

Comment by Lena

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