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November 19, 2008, 10:59 pm
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so, when erle and i told people we were having a weekend in sydney, we were given three suggestions – go to green palace, go to green gourmet and have coffee at campos. the coffee was fine. the other two were kind of disappointing.

the first night we arrived, we ate at green palace: thai vegetarian food. it was a bain marie style affair, but i think you could order off the menu too. we didn’t know this at the time. we both had rice and two mains; i got mock duck and mock abelone, and erle got curry and some other generic looking food. it was kinda cold, and distinctly average compared to melbourne mock. that said, we also had chicken drumsticks which were DELICIOUS, and steamed buns which were also very tasty. so that almost made up for it.

the second day, we tried green gourmet for lunch. granted, we did arrive 10 minutes before their lunch session ended, so i guess we didn’t have the freshest, hottest and best green gourmet had to offer. i still thought it was better than green palace, but still pretty average. the steamed bun was tasty, as was the curry, but the weird pumpkin flying saucer thing wasn’t really my cup of tea.

right next to Green Gourmet is a place called Vegan’s Choice. a little grocery store, this is probably the best vegan thing we found in Sydney (Thanks Sarah). they had different types of cheese, lots of interesting products like black fungus and home made pastes and sauces. i came away with a really convincing looking bacon (i’m so excited to try it; you’ll all hear how it goes), a jar of laksa paste and ICE CREAM. i’m a pretty safe ice-creamer usually, tending to stick to raspberry, chocolate, pistachio etc. but I was brave and chose 2 flavours that are a bit more out there – black sesame and taro. The risk was well worth it…

i’m sure there are a bunch of other delicious places in sydney that vegans are all about. but we were only there for a day, really. let me just say i’m happy that i live in melbourne….


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Your icecream choices sound and look amazing!

Comment by lisa

green palace sucks. more importantly, you were totally close to me!

oh, ps. I am really good at internet stalking.

Comment by rina

i love vegan’s choice, and i’m AMAZED melbourne doesn’t have it’s own all-vegan grocery store. WHY?????

Comment by Philippa O

i had taro ice cream from vegan’s choice on friday! it made my silly little doing-nothing day.

Comment by Lena

yeah i think it’s better to order off the menu at green palace. glad you found some goodies at vegan choice though. and nothing about campo’s. well i suppose this a food blog … hehe

Comment by sarah

I understand why you would be glad you lived in Melbourne – it is a vegan paradise afterall but I think you need to give these places a good go before dismissing them. Green Gourmet does fantastic yum cha on the weekends and the food is great when ordered off the menu. It’s not really fair to judge it on the-last-ten-minutes-of-the-buffet. Same goes for Green Palace – the food is quite good. Peace Harmony is my fave Thai food in Sydney so try that next time. No bain marie!!!!! Iku is also good – a chain of macrobiotic vegan cafes. Next time you go to Sydney put out a call and us locals will give you some more suggestions.

Comment by lisa

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