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crepes at the wick
November 23, 2008, 10:06 am
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word spread a few weeks ago that there were vegan crepes available at the wick on brunswick street. naturally, i took it upon myself to go check it out for myself. the wick is a weird little place, which kind of seems like it doesn’t know if it wants to be a bar, a hippy shop or a creperie. it certainly isn’t as adorable as i feel a creperie could be. anyway. the first time i went, i had a white chocolate and strawberry crepe. it took FOREVER to arrive, because, as the woman working there informed me, she had to make a whole batch of vegan mixture. she went on to talk about how she’s going to have to put her prices up for vegan and gluten free crepes because soy milk and gluten free flour are so expensive. All crepes, at the time i went, were $10.

my crepe was pretty delicious. the crepe itself was kinda chewy, but i haven’t had crepes in a long time, so i couldn’t compare that to anything. maybe crepes are supposed to be chewy. the white chocolate was sweet william, i’m fairly sure, and the strawberries were plentiful.

the next day, i went back with erle. he ordered a savoury crepe, despite the fact that i pointed out lidia had said it was kinda boring. there are two vegan savoury crepes – one felafel and one tofu. erle ordered the tofu one, which had tofu, spinach and mushroom. he described it as bland and i had to concur.

i had been wiser, and ordered another sweet crepe – this one was milk chocolate and macadamia. it was pleasant, but not as good as the strawberry one. the chocolate was again, obviously sweet william and it was a bit cloying…

look. i like knowing there is somewhere around the corner from my office where i can get a sweet treat (albeit not a quick one) if the need arises. i like that the effort has been put in to include menu options for vegans. i liked, if i didn’t love the crepes that i ate. erle’s verdict was that the price hike (reportedly happening next week) coupled with the fact a chalkboard in the window promotes the place as “funky” meant that he would never return. i’m not that damning…but it’s not top of my list of vegan eateries. let’s leave it at that.

where: 361 brunswick street, fitzroy

phone: 9419-8214

open: noon-late, wednesday to sunday. apparently.


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I have recently moved to Melbourne and have been looking for excellent vegan establishments that can cater to my needs. Melbourne does seem to be up and coming in the vegan gluten free trades, that are very common where I am from. The key to good food is the quality of ingredients and the love going into making it. After sampling several vegan crepes around the city, I have come to appreciate one special place in Northcote that makes excellent savory and sweet crepes called CocoLoco on High Street, where a variety of chocolate drinks to choose from. See that you have a keen sense for the truth, check out this place.

Comment by Rose Myles

The crepes are thicker/chewier than omni crepes, but I quite liked the texture and taste. It would be a shame if the prices went up, I probably wouldn’t revisit if it were more than $10.

Rose I would be interested to hear where else you can get vegan crepes in Melbourne, apart from Coco Loco!

Comment by lisa

delicious gluten free vegan crepes can be found in my kitchen. if you give me $3 i will give you a stack of ten.


also 😦 about fascist dietary-specific price hike.

Comment by Lena

I really liked the apple/cinnamon crepe lidia and i shared but yes the tofu spinach one was very bland. did you check that the chocolate was sweet william? i avoided the chocolate ones because i didn’t think they would be dairy free. I read lisa dempster’s review on the wick where she advised to check when ordering vegan stuff because the chef was still coming to grips with vegan can and cannots. I’d be well pleased to have a white chocolate crepe, though maybe not after the price rise…

Comment by Philippa O

Loving this blog…have read the one at blogger too. I didn’t know about half of these places in Melbourne so thanks! x

Comment by Dani

This is probably the most disappointing restaurant I’ve been to in Melbourne. While the idea of having vegan crepes on the menu is great, the place is horribly disorganised. It took an hour for two of us to get our food on the table in the middle of the day, in a completely empty restaurant. Not sure why we even bothered sticking around – the food was unseasoned and completely bland. I’d avoid the toilets in this place too, they’re about as bad as a petrol station in Dandenong or something.

Comment by ap

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